Protection of personal data


Privacy Policy

AVITI Ltd. is an Administrator of Personal Data according to Certificate № 419100 dated 22.04.2016 issued by the Commission for Personal Data Protection.
With efect from 25.05.2018, the Commission for Personal Data Protection ceased its activity of maintaining public registers for the registration, exemption or denial of registration of data administrators.
AVITI Ltd. declares that the collected personal data in connection with the performance of its activity are kept strictly confidential and are not used outside the purposes for which they are collected and are not provided to third parties without the explicit consent of their holders except in the cases provided by the law.
In carrying out its activity AVITI Ltd. collects information in connection with preparation of offers for purchase and sale of properties as follows:
  • in case of purchase - name, telephone, e-mail, approximate price and description of the property;
  • in case of sale - name, telephone, e-mail, price and description of the property;
  • when applying for a job - name, telephone, e-mail, biographical data.
AVITI Ltd. does not collect sensitive and special data within the meaning of Art. 5 of the Personal Data Protection Act, which:
  • reveal racial or ethnic origin;
  • reveal political, religious or philosophical beliefs, membership of political parties or organizations, associations with religious, philosophical, political or trade union goals;
  • relate to health, sexual life or the human genome

Access to information we receive is limited and there are procedures to prevent misuse and misappropriation .

The information gathered is used only for the purpose of carrying out real estate transactions and the recruitment of new employees.


Users of our services have the right to be informed of the available data about them and they can be corrected or deleted at their request at any time.

This Privacy Policy may be changed as necessary.

Last updated on 22.05.2018.